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  • mitch dorris:

    Hey guys,hope you’re well……i’ve got a necklace that is broken and i’d like for it to be repaired. Didn’t want anybody but you to do it, so i’ve got a couple other necklaces that i’d like to buy and was hoping that maybe you could send out a return envelope with the order or instuct me on your preferred return method. Much mahalo…mitch

    • kanakala:

      Aloha Mitch
      You bet, will do. Our products have a lifetime guarantee. One of our customers dog chewed up his fish hook necklace cord. He purchased it from us 8 years ago and almost never took it off. No problem, he returned it and we re-lashed his bone hook with a new cord attached.
      Kana & Kala

      • abby lavitman:

        looking to see if you repair bone fish hook necklaces. My husbands broke that we purchased in Maui on our honeymoon…is this possible??

      • I have a fishbone necklace I bought in Hawaii from a store about 6 years ago. The lashing is unraveling and I would like to have it re-lashed…… I just bought another necklace from your online store for my grandson for his birthday since he really liked mine. I would like to find out if you would re-lash my fishbone and if so, what would the fee be? I know I can just buy another one for $15 but this one has sentimental value of my trip there with my wife on our anniversary. Thanks for your help.

  • Sandy:

    do you sell wholesale and if so what are your prices and minimum order.
    Thanks, Sandy

    • kanakala:

      Aloha Sandy
      Yes, we are a wholesale manufacturer. You can buy wholesale Hawaiian jewelry directly from our website. We offer greater discounts for larger quantities directly on our product pages. Quantity discounts start as low as 3 units with additional discounts being applied at levels of 12 pieces and 36 pieces.
      Kana & Kala

  • Ma:

    I wanted to know if you make any of your shell necklaces with St. Christopher Surfer medallions.

    • kanakala:

      Sorry, no. But if you send us the pendant we could add it to your necklace.
      Kana & Kala

  • Adriano:


    Are your puka shell necklaces tumble polished with chemicals or are they straight from the sea without anything added?

  • kanakala:

    Aloha Robert
    Yes, we do custom carvings in larger quantities.
    Kana & Kala

  • Bill MacFarlane:

    Hi, My name is Bill MacFarlane and I have a few questions. I recently purchased your dragon back fish hook necklace and when I got it, it was better than I imagined. Was in Hawaii a couple of years ago, but did not know of these. Just wondering if the necklace I chose is a traditional one or is the one like Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band wears the more original/traditional. On the dragon back there are carvings and I was wondering if there is a meaning behind them. Lastly I heard there is a right way to wear the hook and a wrong way. Is the curve of the hook suppose to be facing the heart. Also are the beads that hold the necklace together made of bone also.

    • Bill MacFarlane:

      Dan, Thank you for talking to me yesterday on the phone about my interests stated above. Can’t wait to see my necklaces. Bill

  • Taylor:

    Hi, my necklace cord just snapped and i was wondering if I could send it back to get the cord replaced.

  • Frank E Potocnik:

    Your cotact info is obsolete.Accoording to complete subscription,the link
    says it is malformed/expired link.Cant cpmplete your subscription info.


  • Abby:

    Hi, on our honeymoon last year my husband purchased a fish hook necklace which he has been obsessed with ever since. We did not purchase it from you but I am wondering if you could fix it, the cord ripped and needs a new one…any chance you could do this? his birthday is coming up and I’d like to get it for him:)

  • Hi Auntie Sarah and Unkle Dan,
    Sorry I did not respond earlyer but our emil is on the blink. So I thought I’d try your website.
    We are all doing well. Gloria has been overly bussy at work. Donovan and Kelly have been the #1 food truck in Seattle for the second year in a row. They are looking for a place to open a resturant… I have been bussy helping my mom sell her place and planning a new addition to our house. Our band, the Puddle City Opossums got to play at one of our dream venues last month called the Tractor Tavern. The Crowd Loved us and we played an oncore.
    Two hours can’t go by without me thinking about our vacation…All Year Long! We realy miss you guys and yes Gloria is arriving the afternoon after you go on vacation, on the 10th. Bad timming I guess.
    We will show up around 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. on Friday the 4th of Oct. in an older van. See you then!

  • James Cole:

    Just received my Bone Fish Hook necklace Like Iz’s unfortunately it was way bigger than I expected would it be possible to return the necklace to you and possibly purchase something smaller. Mohalo Jim

  • Hey guys already sent this but it seems to have disappeared. I just received my Bone Fish Hook Necklace Like Iz’s. my problem is it is way bigger than I thought and looks really weird on me. Could I return the Fish Hook to you in exchange for another type of Pendant maybe a shark’s tooth or something smaller?

  • Dan Ermoian:

    I purchased one of your fish hook style necklaces and thoroughly love it. Unfortunately for me the string part of the necklace has broken. Is there any way to have this repaired?
    thank you for your time I’ll wait to hear from you.

  • mrs woood:

    Hello ho are u doing? Can u please tell me if u are native hawaiian? Can. U please tell me your phone number? Over my email address? I do not give it out and please have a great thanks mrs wood

  • kelle:

    hey! aloha!! i have a turtle necklace that i just received and the shell fell off somewhere. may i return for a free exchange? thanks– i actually gave it to a friend, and wanted to replace it. mahalo!

  • Abby:

    Hi there! you fixed a necklace for me on 9-6-13 (a fish hook necklace purchased on our honeymoon…see above email:) the necklace has started to unwind so I’m hoping I can mail it back for you to fix? hope so!

  • May I purchase a thin rope necklace 14 inches long?
    Thank you,

  • Mark Koestel:

    Received my fish hook necklaces in California on the third day I ordered them. Ordered Friday afternoon and received Monday afternoon. Very fast shipping and great products. Very happy with the quality and price. Will recommend to anyone and will order again Thanks.

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